BMW Museum Visit, Photos

Just last month I got a chance to visit Munich for work. The temperature was an icy -10 to -20 deg C. While I had initially thought of riding there, the temperature made it quite impractical.
So, other than work I did get to visit the BMW museum. A really awesome must visit place for anyone interested in motor vehicles and in this iconic brand.
There really isn’t much to write about, I would rather show than tell. Putting up all the pics I took at the museum. Pardon the quality of the pics, they are from my Oneplus and not from my Canon.
Also, putting up some of the plaques I took, which describe the vehicle or event. Enjoy!
There are 132 photos and the format of my blog is not very photo friendly as my other posts are not normally like this. Hope you don’t mind.

Stretch Mini Limo 🙂

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