I am a regular guy with a passion to ride a bike. Had kept this passion in check for a number of years until Royal Enfield came out with the 500 CC Classic. What a beauty!
I gave right in and am now the proud owner of a Black Beauty !

The idea of this Blog is to share my experience of owning the bike and riding it. I am also putting in a little effort to change the way it looks and will share that too over here.

It will be great if this blog helps anyone else looking to decide on buying a Bullet and also will be fantastic if it helps some like minded bullet-heads interact !

Happy to receive any and all feedback !


Posing for the camera of course !

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  1. cmehendale says:

    Hey – great idea – do post pics – I have had a t-bird for a while now and will probably get a 500 as soon as finances allow 🙂

  2. PeeJay says:

    Thanks Chetan, there are some pics of the bike, more to come for sure.
    You should plonk the Rs. 1,000.00 booking amount anyway, you need to wait 10 months anyway and then you can always postpone once your turn is up, till your budgets allow.

  3. Sai Dhondge says:

    Good Pics man!!
    I own a Electra 350 twinspark engine…
    i am thinking of chroming the fuel tank to give it a classic chrome look…
    where can i find the chrome workshop.
    and also i dont want to loose the original sticker of royal enfield on the tank..
    any idea??

  4. PeeJay says:

    no idea about the Chrome workshop
    the stickers are all available at JC road – the second signal on the one part of the road – if you turn right over there it is in the first row of shops on the left.

    Thanks for the compliment and visit !



  5. vinay Mohan says:

    Hello Pankaj,
    I own a new TB500 need your help in riding , can you accompany me for a days trip in bangalore and help me out with your expert riding skills.


  6. Hi Vinay,
    Sorry for the late reply. Missed your post.
    It is now some time so I guess you have gotten used to the bike by now.
    Feel free to join us on our next ride, look us up on FB – Enfield Explorers. Join the group. No worries we are all newbies here.



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