Kitting out the Bullet

Kitted out the bike


I had a vision in mind of what I wanted the bike to look like.
I wanted it to have side-saddles on both the sides, a helmet box at the back and a visor in front.  Also, the thump factor had to be far higher.
Research showed that Studds produce side saddles which are decent. Givi make good helmet boxes, Royal Enfield has visors, probably made for the limited edition Machismo, this would meet my requirements.
The hit on the pocket had to be managed, so I decided to do it in steps.
So far, I am done with the saddles and the helmet box. Unfortunately no one here makes side-saddles that are meant for both sides of the bike. They only make them for the right side, apparently to accommodate the lady pillion riders who sit side-saddle. Really!!
So, I have my left side saddle which has its rear reflector pointing in the wrong direction.
But, what to do we are like this only !

Along with the saddles, I also put in a back rest. It is quite nice and comfortable for the pillion, I hope. Would never go pillion on my own bike 🙂
Would fully recommend it to all, adds space for the back seat and the backrest has plenty of cushion which helps I am sure.

 While getting the side-saddles, I also got little hoods for the blinkers. I love them, I think they are super-cool. Of course they say Harley-Davidson and not Royal Enfield, well until Eicher chaps figure out the goldmine of a brand name they are sitting on we will have to make do with other names.

This is what it currently looks like, will upload a better photo shortly. 

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  1. Hi, Could i ask from where u got the Back rest??? Am planning on getting one for my classic chrome

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi,
    I got my back rest for the rear seat from J C Road, Bangalore. It is the Thunderbird backrest.
    You can also check out Khajanchee on eBay they have pretty good seats.

  4. vinayvk says:

    Can you please let me know, from where did you buy the hard saddle box/bags. Also, how much did that cost you?


  5. pankajjathar says:

    Hi vinay
    These are Studds boxes
    I bought them from jc road in Bangalore
    Should be available from anyone selling Studds helmets
    The hitch is they only make it for the left side of the bike so one of them will face the wrong way
    I bought these about 30 years ago -the cost was just about 1000 rupees each including fixing costs

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