The FatBoy, an Iconic Motorbike.

The Fatboy, an icon.

The FatBoy. One of the most iconic Harleys. 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think Fatboy is the Terminator 2 scene with Arnold jumping the Fatboy. Till then, we never imagined a cruiser could jump. That scene probably contributed a lot to making the Fatboy so iconic. Schwarzenegger and the Fatboy enhancing each other’s aura.

Irrespective of Arnold, I find the Fatboy to be a really good motorcycle. It is the epitome of a cruise bike. It has a big engine, (1868 CC), it sits low with forward foot controls. One of the most comfortable rides for long cruises. With a 19-litre tank, you can go pretty far. When on a fat boy you get the feeling that you can go on and on as long as there is road in front of you. 

Road munching

My favorite ride on the Fatboy was the one I had in the Olympics, near Seattle, Washington. It was a rental bike. I rode from Seattle to Port Angeles and back. The weather was cold, too cold for my liking, but the bike was a dream to ride. It handles like a Sportster, you can actually corner sharply and most importantly (for when you are riding alone) it is easy enough to manoeuvre in and out of parking. It also makes for some great pictures.

Port Angeles, Washington
Not quite Arnold, but the best we have to offer !

The new Fatboy introduced by Harley Davidson in 2018, changed the bike quite a bit. The Milwaukee 8 engine was much more refined. Bringing down the weight of the bike by about 16 KGs, helped a lot too. Reduced vibrations from the engine and the lighter, more rigid frame all contribute to make it an even better ride. While the new model looks sleeker than the old one, it is just as comfortable to ride. 

The fun with Harleys (or any bikes) is the amount of customization you can do to a bike to make it your own signature style. Here is one that belongs to a friend, this was first imported into the country by Kapil Dev (yes the same one). An icon for an icon!  

The one on the left was first imported by Kapil Dev


A salute to one of the most iconic motorcycles. 

The Orange Fatboy, lovely color and what a looker (belongs to a friend)

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