Two interesting updates on the Royal Enfield front

So, two interesting news items in the last 10 days for the tribe. The first one is that the Bullet has a new brother, another 500 cc variant called, very creatively, the Bullet 500.

It is the same engine as the classic 500 but has carburetors instead of fuel injection. Here is some detail on carbs and what the difference is in reality.

This is a pretty good quick high level explanation.
There is a video on youtube if you are interested. This one was more detailed and quite effective too.

In a nutshell, carburetors are mechanical devices and Fuel injectors are electronic. The FI actively manages the amount of fuel flowing in to the combustion chamber actively and therefore will give you a much better mileage, the carb is set to a particular level and will continue at the same level.
At the same time you can tinker with the carb engine and make it suck in more air and fuel thereby increasing the performance of your engine with a negative impact on the fuel efficiency.
Of course like all electronic and mechanical things, the mechanical one is cheaper to maintain and replace and the FI is more expense. But all the FI ones need to remember, you have to service your bike regularly or it might get choked.
Now coming to the bullet itself. There are some changes made to the bike, most noticeable is the seat, profiled and with a backrest for the pillion. There is also a new grab-rail for the pillion. Nice. The best thing I like about it is the colour of course. Forest green. Very very nice.

The price point at 1.5 lakhs also makes it very attractive. Hopefully the wait time on this one won’t be too bad and if you want one you should be able to get one soonish without too long a wait time.

This brings us to the second piece of interesting news. Royal Enfield’s new plat at Oragadam has finally started sending bikes out of the door.

Two articles point to this news item
article 1
article 2

The second one is from Money Control and talks about the improvement in quality of bike production. 
Quoting from the ToI article (not linked here) – “Lal reckoned the new capacity will help bring the wait down to 6 months though he admitted the company was taken aback by how sharply demand has grown in the past 24 months. RE has gone from around 20,000-25,000 units a year just five or six years ago to 1,13,000 units (including 3,500 exports) last fiscal. It’s current monthly capacity of 12,000 units a month is far short of what the market wants and it needs to crank up engine supplies to 1,75,000 units this year and 2,50,000 next. 

So there is hope yet for new Bullet owners, you might get yours in less than 6 months unless you live in Rajasthan or Orissa where you could always get it in 3 months.

It was good to read that RE have set up a modern plant and are looking at seriously ramping up their production.

There was no mention however of where the Café Racer will be produced. That one I have my eye out for very sharply. Will report anything I hear in that space immediately. 

That’s all folks ! Thump on !

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  1. atul lakra says:

    Very nice post! I need to find out where I can get my hands on a single seat as on the Bullet 500 (Creative indeed!) and put it on my classic. The current stock seat on my bike has started to come apart…and I never liked both those seats anyway. Also the durability of the EFI unit on our bikes stands to question with RE going back to the safe and sturdy carburetor on this one…

  2. PeeJay says:

    You can check the seat that Shalin has – I think that is quite a nice one, gives good back position too. But we should test ride the Bullet 500 and figure how this seat does.
    We might be able to get one at the RE service centre, will check when I am back in Bangalore, need to visit to get my bike serviced there anyway.

    On the EFI unit, the news articles and reviews I read seemed to indicate this was just to lower the price point not really a reflection of the performance of that unit. The new GT they are coming out with will have the same EFI I think.


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