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This is where I talk about bikes in general including reviews of bikes and of course a lot about my own bikes. I will include links to other reviews and blogs here for bikes.


22K on the Harley !!

Last week here was an office offsite (overnighter) at a resort near the airport, so I took the opportunity to ride to the offsite on my bike. The temptation being that I could go...


India’s most exciting new Motorbike

Well, we have all been reading about this for a while now. The Himalayan from Royal Enfield. Here is a very nice story by Siddhartha Lal the CEO of Royal Enfield and a really...

New Sibling In The House 0

New Sibling In The House

Interesting thing happened the other day, well it wasn’t exactly an impulse thing. I had been planning for a while but at the point of execution it was still impulsive. I managed to buy a...


BMW Museum Visit, Photos

Just last month I got a chance to visit Munich for work. The temperature was an icy -10 to -20 deg C. While I had initially thought of riding there, the temperature made it...