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This is the section of the site which has write-ups regarding my rides. I might also occasionally include rides from other sources as well.

What goes up …. !

Riding has always been an adventure sport, there is literally nothing separating you from the elements. The vehicle requires balance and the smallest loss of concentration can have severe consequences. Of course as a rider one always believes accidents happen to other people who are reckless. When you are out…

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36 hair pins

A boys trip to Ooty across 36 hair-pin bends up the hills.

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Riding in the Olympic National Park

I was on a work trip to the state of Washington and had a weekend available to myself. I have been wanting to rent a bike in the USA for a while. This was the opportunity. Booked a Fatboy with Eagle Rider in Seattle. One of my batchmates (Walia) lives…

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Ramble all day

Just one of those days when all you want to do is Ride, Ride, Ride!! A few days ago, I accidentally ended up with an extra day’s holiday. We had taken a family vacation for the whole week, but we were going to be back by the Thursday. This left…

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Goa, here we are again!

The IBW organizers decided to change the pattern for 2017 (or if you believe some sources, ran in to sponsor problems­čśŐ). So instead of Feb it was held in Nov. There was some concern on whether bikers would turn up in sufficient numbers or not. I for one quite like…

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Chikmagalur Ride – June 2017

Been a long time since my last post. Well it has been a long time since my last long ride too. Since last Aug, been mostly doing breakfast rides and those too, sparingly. So, you can imagine, how I was itching to do a longer. There was a long weekend…

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First Ride – Triumph Thunderbird Storm LT

Been three years with the Harley Davidson Superlow 883. I have been itching to get me a bigger bike. The choices ranged from a Street Bob to a Fat Boy. Was seriously contemplating buying a Fat Boy when the opportunity to buy a Triumph Thunderbird Storm LT presented itself. The…

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22K on the Harley !!

Last week here was an office offsite (overnighter) at a resort near the airport, so I took the opportunity to ride to the offsite on my bike. The temptation being that I could go ride early the next morning. The downside of course was that I would have to ride…

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India Bike Week

The one big event of the year for all bikers in India is the India Bike Week. The IBW happens in Goa in the month of February. The perfect setting. Beach, Babes and Bikes! Yeah, I know it’s not exactly Miami or Santa Monica but it’s the best we have…

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Ooty ride

A few weeks back I rode to Ooty in Tamil Nadu. This was with a group that I ride with regularly, called Riders Republic. It is now India’s largest independent group of riders. It consists of people riding super bikes. On this particular ride the smallest bike in the family…

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