Bellur Cross


Bellur-cross breakfast, always attracts a crowd !!

The Mecca of Breakfast rides from Bangalore. It is 80 odd KMs from the Nelamangala turn-off on Tumkur road. On highway 75, the Bangalore – Mangalore highway, also known as Hassan road. While it is popularly called Bellur cross, that is the name of the area, the actual restaurant is called Hotel Mayura.

Once you turn off Tumkur road and take the Hassan road, this comes up shortly after the second Toll collection point. While this route is currently over-served with restaurants, Mayura still retains its premier positioning among bikers.


The fact that it is about 80 Km, the fact that Hassan road is really good to ride on and most of all – the quality of the Dosas and Vadas, these are what make it the Mecca. Approx. one in two breakfast rides, we end up at this place.


Seating is in the open, given that you are here for breakfast and in general the weather is quite salubrious in that part of the day, sitting outside is a very pleasant thing. There is plenty of parking for the bikes and you are seated not far from them. This is probably far more important for bikers than for anyone else, a non-biker might not appreciate it as much either. But my tribe believes it to be supremely important to be able to see the bike.

Helps digest the breakfast much better.

Speaking of breakfast, the usual South-Indian fare is available. The must haves are the Benne (butter) Dosa, the Kesari bath and the Vada. Their Sambar and Chutney are also really good. As any self-respecting connoisseur of breakfast joints around Bangalore will tell you, no point how good the Dosa is, if the chutney can’t measure up then it is a waste. In this case both chutney and Sambar are excellent in taste and add to the overall breakfast experience.

The ritual for our gang is to land up and order a round of Idlis, Vadas and Chow-chow bath to share while the Dosas get ready. The Dosa is guarded and eaten one per person, not shared, unless it is your second or possibly third one.

The filter coffee is decent too. Given that we have done approx 100 Kms typically to get here, it is very much expected that we will linger for some time. Therefore the coffee is important. I don’t think I have ever been to Mayura and come away in less than an hour.

It is also a place that you typically run in to other bikers you know or friends who are travelling to Chikmagalur / Hassan etc. Always a pleasure to run in to people you know.


The Conversation just flows…


This was from my first ride to Mayura, back in 2015. Pre-Harley ride.


This was from my first ride to Mayura, back in 2015. Pre-Harley ride.



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