Kolar Road CCD & Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba

2 months without hitting the road as a group.
A year since the first ride as a group.
Now if that was not enough reason to be out on the road then there would be none!
We decided to do a breakfast ride to Kolar Adigas. Yeah! I know you are wondering why Adiga’s is not in the title. Well that was the plan but not what actually happened.
We had a few late shows for the 6:00 a.m. ride. We also had a few new joiners to the group. It was finally 7:30 a.m. by the time we were all ready to go. We were gathered at the Sony junction signal on the inner ring road, Koramangala. The group that formed for this ride was 2 super lows, 1 Iron 883, 2 C500s, 2 Bullet 350s, a Thunderbird and finally an Avenger. Quite a motley bunch as usual.
There was a little traffic on the roads around that time of morning as we set off towards Kolar. So, 9 bikes revving at the Indira Nagar signal, lined up in threes was a good enough sight to turn most heads. The racket we made was enough to wake anybody who was sleeping in a half mile radius.
We had to tackle a bit of traffic as we crossed the hanging bridge and made our way out of town.
It did take a few minutes before we were out of town and the road was clear enough for us to rip. The HDs took off as usual doing 130+ and the Bulls followed at a more sedate 100 kmph.
Along this road a little after Boodhigere cross you come to a little innocuous dhaba. If you do not keep an eye out for it, you could easily miss it. It has a grand name of course, Sher-e-Punjab.
It is run by two sardar brothers, as authentic as a highway dhaba can get. Extremely sweet and soft spoken gentleman, the proprietors are.
Since we were delayed in starting off, it was imperative that we get some food in to the system. Lest we all starved, you know how it is with us, food over everything else. So we ordered a sumptuous quantity of aloo, pyaaz and egg paranthas accompanied by pickle and dahi. The best breakfast you can hope to have at a dhaba.
Sher e Punjab has good old fashioned charpais outside. A great place to have a cuppa and catch-up with friends on a Sunday morning. There was also an old decrepit Luna, Shalin could not resist posing on it, a great shot as you can see.
If you are not doing anything noteworthy on an evening, I would expressly recommend the dhaba, fantastic food, great atmosphere. Those in the know assured that in the evenings you do get quite a crowd pulling up to it.
With enough paranthas and chai in all of us we proceeded on to part two of the ride. Once again hitting the open highway and revving up. For the first time, on a ride, we had a pillion with us, Anshu. So we managed to get some great pics and also shot a video on the way back. All credits for photos and videos go to her.
A bit further on there is a U Turn in the highway where you turn and come back a bit for the Adigas and the Café Coffee Day. This is where we spent a bit of time cooling off after the soaring temperatures on the highway. 
We also met Sudhaker Peravalli here who was on his way back from a solo ride up to AP. He was riding an awesome Harley, a 1200 CC Nightster, with rocking exhausts. We had interesting conversation to go with the coffees.
A couple of nice cold coffees later we were ready to head back. The way back was a lot of fun as we had the video camera out and got some decent footage, though from the back of a bike it was bit jumpy.
We reconvened at the CCD in Indira nagar and bid adieu to each other post a nice breakfast ride.
Truth be told, it was too short a ride. Should be a longer one coming up. 
Until then, Keep Riding! Keep Safe!
·         Atul                    – Bullet C500
·         Yogesh               – Thunderbird – fully modified
·         Sourish               – Electra -350
       Bipin                  – C350
·         Shalin                 – Harley Super low
·         Dev                    – Harley Super low
·         Nikhil                 – Harley Iron 883
·         Datta & Anshu   – Avenger
·         Yours truly with a C500

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