While I love riding the bike, I don’t think work and family pressures are going to allow me to do any serious long rides anytime soon. However, I have been on a few short rides which were awesome fun.
I enjoy riding my bike so much that I have started using for every small errand that I am required to run. With all my saddles and helmet box, veggie and grocery shopping is not a problem either.

1.       J P Nagar, Harohalli, Jigni and back. 70Km

This is a ride I have done on my cycle (Trek 3700) and wanted to do this on my bike as well. It was great fun to ride through the reserved forest on the bullet, lovely feeling.
Route is to go down Kanakapura road, past Shri Shri ashram, up to Harohalli. 30 Km mark.
There is a good chai-wala on the left here, recommend to stop and have a cuppa. Then turn left near the Harohalli bust-stand. Go through the village a bit and then you will find yourself on a country road which is quiet and nice. Further on you turn in to the reserved forest area and climb the hills to end up near Jigni on the other side of the hills. From there you need to make your way back via Banerghatta road. 

Between Harohalli and the reserved forests


  J P Nagar, Kanankapura, Bheemeshwari and back 200 km.

This was a company offsite, I took the liberty of getting my bike to the offsite rather than go in the bus. Got a bit of flak for it but what the heck, as the boss you can always take some liberties 😉 One my team members had recently got a Thunderbird and he was the motivation behind the ride.
The route is fantastic, once you pass Kanakapura town. The traffic is minimal, at the time when we went the Gulmohar trees on the route were in full bloom which made it doubly beautiful. Once in to the Kaveri reserve forest it was just awesome riding the bike.
It is a small winding road with greenery all around and the hint of a possibility of seeing an elephant somewhere. Makes for a great ride.
Would recommend this above anything else for a day out on the bike. You can drop in to the Jungle Lodge at Bheemeshwari and enjoy the facility including a nice homely lunch before heading back.

My office itself is 20 Km away from home, so whenever I take my bike, which is not very often, that itself is a bit of a ride.
With the side-saddles and helmet box, I don’t have to carry a backpack which makes it a pleasure to travel whether on a short-long ride or on the office commute.
Once in a while I take the long route to office via the Nice Expressway ! Makes for a far more interesting commute than through the city !

Taken on the NICE expressway near the Tumkur junction

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