Short Ride – Big Joy !

This is a small bridge across the NICE expressway, a nice location indeed.
This Sunday I got back home from being away for 4 days. I missed my family; as much as my bike (almost 🙂
When I got back home my family who claimed to have missed me, made off to Whitefield because the kids had a basketball match to play over there. 
That left me nice and alone at home to unwind from my 4 day trip involving bus and grime. 
I unwound for about 20 minutes. Just as I was hitting the zone, got a call from the building security to move my bike as it was in the way for an association meeting. 
Strictly speaking this was not the case, one could have easily squeezed past by raising one leg at a 45 degree angle. But then, who am I to argue with the high and mighty of the association. So, I dutifully trooped down to the parking and rolled my bike out and started it.
The THUMP! It woke me from my lethargy, it was something akin to Clark Kent getting in to a phone booth. Suddenly I felt alive and raring to go, notwithstanding the fact that I had slept for 2 hours in a 10 hour journey the previous night, or the fact that I was in my tracks and floaters and looked like something the cat dragged in. But, so what ?!
I decided to just ride around for a short while. Took off in a southerly direction from my building. Rode around open half packed roads and then through a small village which suddenly popped up. The sight of a Bullet and man in black rags did turn quite a few heads in the village and stopped a couple of ‘rolling the tyre’ games as I thumped past.
Beyond that village, there is a new BDA layout called Lal Bahadur Shastri nagar, it is a nice place with undulations and a good tar road. Most important aspect of this nagar is zero traffic. It is a place where I like to cycle every once in a while. Today it was the Bullet I took out there.
It was great fun to roll down the roads and then roar up them, the feel of being on a bullet all by yourself in a quiet place, yet not far from home was just too good. It was awesome to feel the wind in your hair, the thump under your right foot and the power when you accelerate!

 These are things you associate with going on long rides and enjoying over extended periods. Also, typically you have to earn the pleasure by going for a longish period through traffic before hitting the open roads. Thanks to BDA who have developed layouts which are still far from habitation I was able to get to the exhilaration sans the pains.
LBS Nagar – quiet mecca for the short ride !

All in all I spent not more than 40 minutes on the ride but I was completely rejuvenated by the ride.
Came back home and slept off for 3 hours straight 😀 !

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