Bullet on call service

some time back I had a problem getting the bike started.
I was going for a run with Runners For Life, luckily I had friends in the apartment who were also going for the same run, so I was able to park my bike and hitch a ride with them.
when I came back, the bike still would not start.
I pushed it around a bit and at 200 KGs it is a bit of a push.
Much push-button starting and kick-starting later I was still without any life from the engine.
In despair I finally called the 24 hour service line number given by the showroom when I got the bike.
The chap actually picked up the phone and assured me he would reach in a couple of hours as he was at the other end of town.
A couple of hours later, he was actually there. Miracles do happen !
He cam riding in on his own bullet, next time I have occasion to use his services, hopefully not in a long time, I will click a snap and post it here.
He figured what the problem was, it was a spark-plug which did not work well or it was loose wires connecting to the battery. He fiddled with those, they can be found in the little square box on the side of the bike – the battery compartment. Basically just pressed the fuses together a bit. This did not work so he replaced the spark-plug.
Apparently the bullet spark-plug does tend to conk off at times. He advised buying a more reliable one if the new one he provided did not do the job for long.
Once the spark-plug was replaced the bike started like a dream.
It still works – touch-wood.

Not a fun Sunday morning, but the silver-lining was the discovery that the Bullet help-line comes on a bullet and provides help.

For anyone who needs it, here are the numbers – 944 861 97 61, 080 2668 9975, 080 4090 5108



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